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Our Pop Up Cinema is available to hire for your special event.

Ideal for weddings , parties, charity fundraisers, or any other special occasion. We will deliver and put together all the equipment needed and even show the film for you, all for a fixed fee, agreed with you in advance.

All you need to do is provide the space (indoors or outside) large enough to put up our screen and projector, and to accommodate all your guests comfortably.

Check out the most frequently asked questions below and contact us for more information.

FAQs - Hire
We provide industry standard projection and audio equipment, together with an open air or indoor screen (maximum dimensions are 6m wide x 4m high). Contact us for exact specification.

Well yes, you can, but we will do everything for you included at no additional charge, so why would you?

We do not hire out the equipment on its own, and always provide a minimum of 2 people to set everything up and keep an eye out to ensure there are no technical problems.

Of course, if you really want to show the film yourself, we will gladly go sit in the van and read the paper for a couple of hours…

You should allow us a minimum 2 hours prior to show time in order to properly set up and ready the film for you.  At the end of the show, we may take up to 1 hour to pack up and clear the site.
Anywhere really, we just require access to power situated no further than 50m from where you want us to set up.  Beyond that, sufficient space is required to set up the equipment and accommodate your guests at a comfortable distance away from the screen.  Community centres, church halls, stately homes, museums, parks, you name it!  We can even work in private homes and gardens, so long as the space is big enough.  For performances in public places certain licenses may be required and we can advise you if you are not sure.

Broadly speaking, any commercial film that has been released on Bluray, although special permission must be sought, and a license fee paid, for any presentation outside the home. Film studios occasionally limit or suspend licensing for certain films, so permission for your favourite film is not guaranteed. If you have a title in mind, let us know as soon as possible so that we can check it out and arrange the necessary license. We are happy to suggest titles that we know go down well, suitable for your event.

At private showings, we can also project high resolution video files if you have specific corporate training videos, wedding videos or other footage you wish to present on a large screen.

The total cost depends on a number of factors including location, amount of time required on site, film or film(s) chosen for example. We will always provide you with a confirmed quotation once we have collected all the relevant information from you.
Prices start at £500 for private presentations, discounts available for charities and community enterprises.
Yes you can.  License costs are generally greater for commercial presentations, as they are calculated on a percentage of gross ticket sales.  For ticketed performances we need to submit a return to the film licensing body after the event, so will require the total sales figures from you at the end of the evening.  Once submitted we will be able to calculate the total license cost and invoice you separately for this.
Obtaining the license for public presentation of a film can take up to 4 weeks, so we will need at least that amount of time to arrange things.  Please book as early as you can. 
As well as private hire, we present films ourselves at select venues around the south of England throughout the year, so dates get booked up very quickly.  Especially if you are planning a summer open air event, you should contact us straight away to secure your date.

In the event of the weather being so severe that it is not safe to operate electrical equipment outside, and there is no indoor alternative, we will attempt to reschedule. For details of our cancellation policy please review our Hiring Terms and Conditions, which will be supplied on request.